She is the Founder of the globally sought out and highly in-demand Digital Media firm, The Julia Seraphine Agency. Because of her expertise in the field of social media, she has been invited to speak on National Television, Radio, Podcasts, Internet Shows, Virtual Summits, and has given a Guest Lecture at New York University's Stern School of Business.

TEDx Speaker, Author, and Hitchhiking Rabbi, Yonason Goldson, shares his perspectives on leadership and innovation in today's world.

How do you think your teams would change if you shifted what you expected? How do you think you would change? Listen in to find out

The Age of Authentic Leadership is upon us, and if you don't know how to lead from behind...you will fall behind. Listen in as I share a story of someone who faced a dilemma from her boss, and how her application of leading from behind led to success in her team.


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